John is a lifelong Alaskan, active angel investor, and professional corporate director who brings over 30 years of professional board service to public, private, and non-profit enterprises. He has made transformative contributions to companies across the development spectrum, from early-  state private ventures to mature public companies. John is valued for his deep skill set in M&A,  strategic planning, financing, marketing, innovation, technology, and intellectual property. In  addition to his investment and advisory activities, John has firsthand experience as an  entrepreneur, having founded or co-founded 6 companies. His experience spans diverse  industries, including communications, aerospace, security, imaging/mapping, geolocation, real  estate development, and angel investment. John sourced and led Na’-Nuk Fund 1’s investments in Astra (where he was a board advisor prior to its initial public offering) and SpinLaunch. He serves on the SpinLaunch board of directors. John loves his wife Karin, their 3 adult sons, Alaska,  fishing, hunting, entertaining friends and those times when all these things intersect.

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